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History of Losonczy

The history of the great family of Losonczy

This family originates from the Tomaj clan of old Hungarians and in the beginning they owned large domains in Szolnok county.
Their ancestor the paladin (nádor) Dénes (Dionysos) got the Losoncz domain placed in Nógrád county in the first quarter of the 13th century (around 1235) from king András II (Andrew).
The members of this family had huge responsibilities inside the Hungarian kingdom.
In the 14th century, István was the prince of Croatians and Slavons.
His son was the prince of Dalmatia and got new domains in Arad county.
László was the prince of Transylvania and the ambassador of queen Mária of Hungary.
In 1552 Losonczy István defended the castle of Temesvár (Timisoara) agaist the Turks.
With his death, the straight line of the family is extincted...