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History of Losonczy

The Losonczy de Losoncz coat of arms (nobles)

16th to 17th century
Glass, paInted
diameter 19.8 cm, thickness 0.4 cm

The shield is divided: in the upper, red part a crowned walking griffin walking to the right; in the lower, silver part two wavy red bars. Ornament: helmet with a crown from which a golden crowned griffin springs; heraldic tint: gold and red, red and gold. Donated by Count Ivan Nepomuk Erdody in 1856. V. Brajkovic, Grbovi, grbovnice, rodoslovlja, Zagreb, 1995, page 110.

In the first inventories of the National Museum, this coat of arms was mistakenly identified as the coat of arms of the Ungnad family. From the revision of the collection done in 1976, the coat of arms is classed as the coat of arms of an unknown family, and was published as such in two editions of the catalogue of
the Collection of Coats of Arms, Royal Grants of Coats of Arms and Genealogies. See literature: V. Brajkovic, from 1976 and 1995. Due to a negligible difference
from Bojnicic's description of the Losonczy coat of arms (in I. Bojnicic, Der Adel von Kroatien und Slavonien, Nurnberg: 1899, page 105) it is very probable that it belongs to that family.